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and the Bletherwitch

where you could dispose of them they would be wasted.”

“But Bad Resolutions? Nobody makes Bad Resolutions—at least they ought not to, and I don’t believe it is true!”

“Pardon me,” interrupted the Zankiwank. “If you make a Good Resolution and don’t carry it out—doesn’t it become a Bad Resolution? Answer me that.”

This, however, was an aspect of the question that had never occurred to them, and they were unable to reply.

“It seems to me to be nonsense—and worse than nonsense—for one brother to deal in Bad Resolutions and the other in Good Resolutions. Why do not they become a Firm and mix the two together?” responded Maude.

“You horrify me! Mix the Good and the Bad together? That would never do. The Best Resolutions in the world would be contaminated if they were all warehoused under one roof. Besides, the Wimble is himself full of Good Resolutions, so that he can mingle with the Bad