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The Zankiwank

without suffering any evil, while the Wamble is differently constituted!”

The children did not understand the Zankiwank’s argument a bit—it all seemed so ridiculous. A sudden thought occurred to Willie.

“Who, then, collects the Resolutions?”

“Oh, a person of no Resolution whatever. He commenced life with only one Resolution, and he lost it, or it got mislaid, or he never made use of it, or something equally unfortunate, and so he was christened Want of Resolution, and he does the collecting work very well, considering all things.”

No doubt the Zankiwank knew what he was talking about, but as the children did not—what did it signify? Therefore they asked no more questions, but went along the street marvelling at all they saw. The next shop at which they stopped was kept by

Jornumgander the Younger, Dealer in Magic and Mystery.

“Jorumgander the Younger is not of much use now,” said the Zankiwank sorrowfully. He chiefly