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nolle mutare suum antiquum Mumpsimus ipsius novo Sump- simus.

P. 206, 1. 19, Asson and Alileton, Act. Apost, XX. 14, 15.

P. 207, 1. 8. exploded, hissed off.

P. 207, 1. 12. the old translation of Vergil. Bentley refers to Phaer and Twyne's translation of ' The whole xiii books of the Aeneidos of Virgill ' (1573). The 13th book was that added by Maphaeus Vegius Laudensis.

P. 20 8, 1. 6. Bishop of Lichjield, Dr William Lloyd: see the Epistle to the Reader in Wilkins' Real Character (for which see note on p. 23, 1. 10).

P. 208. 1. 12. Mr Stanley, Stanley's History of Philosophy (to which Bentley refers) was published 1655-61.

P. 209, 1. 13. his Director. Boyle said in the Preface to his Examination, "I think myself . . . obliged to declare that whatever the faults of Phalaris are, they are mine ; and I alone am answerable for them. There is a very deserving gentleman indeed who had a little beforebeen the Director of my studies, and was then my particular friend, to whom I have acknowledgements to make on this occasion. I consulted him upon any difficulty, because I thought it not proper for one of my age to offer anything to the public without consulting somebody. I wish I had advised oftener with him, for then my book would have been much more correct." The Director to whom he refers was, apparently, John Freind (Jebb's Bentley, p. 60),

P. 209, 11. 14, 15. my brisk censure, see Boyle's Examination, pp. 158-60; and Bentley's second Dissertation, pp. 132-


P. 211, 1. 5. Henricus Stephanus (1528-98), a great French classical scholar.

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