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This page needs to be proofread.

Quis scribit, bis legit

Welcome to proofread sandbox.

The idea is to give to any of you an environment where to try proofread procedure t i to copy and to format as carefully as you can but using the less formatting code and tricks. a text that you see as a front image Then you should try transclusion into NsO - t i to build a version of you transclusion into main namespace

Why the title qu rs scr!bllb 1s legrl?

It's simple Any of you is encouraged not only to read this text but to rmte If agam while doing this you'll read this text much deeply!

As you can guess this text has bees written then converted into a jpg image then mounted into a dj vu file its name is File The book of try and learn djvu While learning proofread procedure you·ll be faced too with the issue of djvu file building t i to edit a djvu file It s an advanced topic but far from impossible So the sandbox character of this works implies too that you are free to add ne11 pages to t hrs djvu file so presenting to source community specific problems of formatting/tranclusion and looking for their solutions While appending new pages you are free to add both original pages of specific existing works or to do the same is being done here t i to write a text by your own then to have a snapshot of it to convert it into a jpg or a tiff image to convert it into djvu and to add it to File The book of try and learn djvu

The idea is to collect pages with increasing difficulty So this beginning page only contains some simple usual formatting issues how to enlarge characters how to obtain italic style Next pages will contain different ans subtler formatting issues The aim would be to collect here a complete gallery of formatting troubles But - this is the first half of work only You are encouraged to transclude too your "test transcriptions" into the NsO version of this sandbox that is named Sandbox text This is necessary since subtler issues come out often from tranclusion step.