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The book of try and learn.djvu

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This is not really "a source work", it's merely an extension of "sandbox" tool, designed to test anything about "proofreading". This means, to have a djvu file to transcribe; to have an Index page (this one); to have obviously its pages which can be edited into Page namespace; and to have too a "transcluded" version in ns0.

Given its particular aim, the source File isn't loaded into Commons, but here into wikisource. Djvu file too can be edited; please don't remove pages, append only new pages to it if you like. Djvu file is built with DjvuSolo: please keep it compatible with DjvuSolo, to avoid the need of using much more difficult DjvuLibre routines.

Feel free to edit Pages; but please don't delete their history, since their history will be very interesting to document different tries and different solutions of the same formatting/rendering issue.

I hope that this strange tool will turn out useful both for beginners - faced with simplest issues of proofreading - and for advanced users, to test and to show subtler issues. Use talk pages as largely as you can, to discuss anything.