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Tetracera macrophylla, Vall. (T. monocarpa, T. sarmentosa, Blanco.)

Nom. Vulg.--Malakatmón. Tag.

Uses.--The wood of malakatmón is one of the best known and popular drugs of the Binondo1 market place. It is used as an infusion internally in the hæmoptysis of consumptives, and externally in the treatment of sore throat, its action being due to the large amount of tannin it contains. It is also employed in Malabar in the form of an infusion of the leaves of the species, T. Rheedi, to treat sore throat, mixing it with the decoction of rice called cange.

The Filipinos do not distinguish this species from the T. Assa.

Both are called malakatmón, and are employed indiscriminately to accomplish the same results. This silicious concretion obtained from the leaves is used as a polish in the form of polish paper.

Dose.--In infusion for internal use, 4 grams of wood to 1 liter of water; as a gargle, 10 to 15 grams to the liter.

Botanical Description.--A shrub with leaves alternate, oval, serrate, finely dentate with very short and stiff hairs. Flowers of a strong, rather agreeable odor, axillary, in panicles. Calyx, 4 sepals. Corolla, 4 petals. Stamens indefinite, ex-