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cially that of the Mimosa, contain the tanning principle in a highly concentrated degree, for extracting which a process has been adopted which causes a great saving of freight.

"Gums of various species and qualities, particularly Gum Arabic and Manna, are obtainable in great abundance; many of the indigenous trees yielding them in large quantities.

"Salt of an excellent quality is found on Kangaroo Island, to which place ships are in the habit of going from the neighbouring colonies for this article. The salt of New South Wales contains a portion of magnesia, which is very prejudicial to its quality as an antiputrescent; and even the salt imported into the colonies from this country, is inferior in this respect to that obtained from Kangaroo Island. In 1819, the salt obtained by Captain Sutherland from Kangaroo Island, sold for 10l. per ton, while that imported front England was selling for only 7l. 10s.; the latter not answering equally well for curing skins. New South Wales and Van Die men's Land, therefore, are markets for this commodity; while its possession will enable the colonists to carry on a trade in

"Salt Fish, and other salted provisions, with China and India, besides supplying vessels which may touch at their port.

"Seals, of the kind from which the fur is obtained, are very plentiful on all the adjacent islands, and on the coast. The seal-fishery will open two sources of wealth to the colonist; the first being a trade in skins, and the second, in seal-oil.

"The Sperm and Black Whale fishery will afford articles of profitable export, and will also tend to make the settlement important for the refitting and victualling of vessels engaged in that trade.

"The use made of these natural productions of the sea and land by the Australian colonists, has hitherto