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the population of the colony shall amount to 50,000 souls—The transportation system never to be inflicted on this colony—Apology for speaking evil of other colonies, p. 130


No expedition of settlers ought to take place until a large one be ready—The emigrants a distinct society before their departure—Means of concert and co-operation—Preparatory measures for religious instruction, education, a well-planned town, and written laws—Colonial Newspaper. p. 138


I. Prospectus of South Australian Church Society, 143

II. Report of a Public Meeting held at Exeter Hall, on Monday, June 30, 1834, 149

III. An Act to empower his Majesty io erect South Australia into a British province, or provinces, and to provide for the colonization and government thereof, 15th August, 1834, 221

IV. Regulations for the disposal of Land in the Colony, for the preliminary sales of Colonial Lands, in this country, aud for the emigration of Labourers, 239

List of Works relating to Australia, 254


Chart of the South Coast of Australia, (beginning of Vol.)

View of Port Lincoln, (to face Title)

Chart of Port Lincoln 28

Chart of Kangaroo Island 36

View of Kangaroo Island 38

Chart of the World 66