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the Eastern extremity of Lake Alexandrina and Cape Wiles, the distance in a straight line being about 220 miles, the extent of land washed by the waters either of the ocean or of the lake, amounts to about 1,400 miles. Here, then, are ample means of transport, for exchange among the settlers themselves, and for conveying to Nepean Bay and Port Lincoln produce fit for exchange in distant markets; while those fine harbours will be most serviceable for the landing of emigrants, stock, and goods, and for the future management of trade with the neighbouring colonies, and with distant countries. Considering the probable security of Coffin's Bay; the long line of coast, West of that harbour, whereon Captain Flinders observed the indications of several rivers; and the facility of making a road between Coffin's Bay and Port Lincoln, the latter harbour, which for extent, security, and facility of access, is surpassed by none in the world, seems formed by nature to become the central mart of South Australia.

The following description of the Southern part of Australia was compiled by Mr. Gouger, who has paid much attention to the subject; and it will, we imagine, be found, with the aid of the accompanying maps, sufficiently full and clear to enable every one who shall examine it to judge of the eligibility of that part of the world for the purposes of colonization.

Introduction.— This account of the natural circumstances of that part of Australia, between the 132° and 141° of East longitude, which is intended to form the site of the new colony, is compiled from the reports of various persons who have visited the locality. The honour of the discovery of this country is due to Captain Flinders