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and his party, who, in the year 1802, in His Majesty's Ship Investigator, and employed by his Majesty's Government, explored the whole southern coast. From the expensive work published by Captain Flinders, entitled 'A Voyage to Terra Australis,' in two vols, quarto, much of this report is taken.

Mr. Westall, the artist who accompanied the expedition, has kindly furnished such facts as he recollects which are likely to be interesting, and which are not embodied in Captain Flinders's narrative. This gentleman possesses still some sketches which he made at the time, from which a very accurate opinion may be formed of the kind of country. It is to be regretted that these sketches have not been published—those of Port Lincoln, Sleaford Mere, and Memory Cove, with a sight of which we have been favoured by Mr. Westall, are most interesting.

Next in order to Captain Flinders, as well in time as in merit, is the expedition under Captains Baudin and Freycinet, having on board a naturalist of considerable note, M. Peron, This party fell in with Flinders at Encounter Bay, and thus, by a few days only, the discovery of those magnificent inlets, Spencer's and St. Vincent's Gulfs was anticipated by the British voyagers. Some long extracts have been made from the history of their voyage written by M. Peron.

In the year 1815, Captain Dillon, the well-known discoverer of the remains of La Perouse, visited this part of the Southern Coast; his object was commercial, and he remained in the neighbourhood three months. He has been good enough to favour us with some account of his voyage; and of this use has been made in the narrative which follows.

Captain Sutherland, late commander of the Ship 'Lang,' who has been for many years employed in the trade between England and New Holland, and who, from being a proprietor of land in Van Diemen's Land, has resided there for a length of time, visited this part,