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of Australia, on a sealing voyage, in 1819. He remained at Kangaroo Island seven months, and has given a full report of his residence there, which is very valuable as being the observation of a practical Australian agriculturist, as well as the work of an experienced navigator. His report is copied at length, and it is well to state, that he submitted to a long examination on the subject before a Committee appointed to investigate the natural circumstances of the locality. The verbal evidence he then gave tended completely to corroborate his written statement.

Richard Wootton and Frederick Hamborg, the one a steward, and the other a mate, of Sealing Vessels, remained on this coast a short time, and have given some account of their voyage. The evidence of the first of these is not very important; but Hamborg states that he entered Spalding Cove, and there found two streams of water. His evidence also corroborates the account of the French navigators, as to the eligibility of Port Lincoln for the reception of a European Colony.

Captain Goold, late Master of his Majesty's Ship Dryad, and Commander of several Merchantmen, a most intelligent man, performed two voyages from Sydney to this coast in 1827 and 1828. The object of the voyage was the seal fishery. His report of the country, generally, is very important, and its value is enhanced by the fact of his having lived some time in Australia, and thus being enabled to compare the different places he visited. Ample use has been made, in the paper which follows, of his statement.

Last in order of time, but perhaps first in importance, is the account of Captain Sturt. This enterprising gentleman traced a river through an unknown country, and amidst great danger and privations, to its joining the sea at Encounter Bay. The account of his voyage, recently published by Smith and Elder, will be found most interesting, and to this we must refer all those who