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Morrice, Knt. Sir Richard Carew, Bart, and William his brother.

Mr. John Carew, son or brother of Sir Alexander last mentioned, was executed as one of the Regicides of King Charles I. 1661. Mr. Carew, in his Survey of Cornwall, p. 65, (p. 180 of Lord Dunstanville's edition,) tells us that his first ancestor came out of France with William the Conqueror, by the name of Karrow. In the same book, p. 103, (p. 246 of Lord Dunstanville,) he said that Carew, of ancient Carru, was, and Carrue is, a plough in French; but then it should have been written Carue, or Charoue; and to countenance this opinion of this family's French descent, Camden, in his Remains, p. 143, tells us that the same holds by tradition, I know not how truly, that Adam, or rather Arnold de Montgomery, marrying the daughter of Carew of Molesford, her son, relinquishing his own name, left to his posterity his mother's name, Carew, from whome the Carews of Surrey, Devon, and Cornwall, are descended. Contrary to this opinion, Prince, in his Worthies of Devon, p. 148, saith that Walter de Windsor, about the time of the Norman Conquest, a Norman Frenchman, (as some say Governor, Castellan, Constable, or Steward of Windsor Castle, son of that Otho, that came in with William the Conqueror,) had issue William and Gerald his sons, who styled themselves after the mode of that age, William and Gerald of Windsor from the places of their residence, or for that they were born there; from William, the Lord Windsor is descended, and from Gerald, the Fitz-Geralds Earls of Kildare, and the Carews of England. Gerald of Windsor was Steward or Castellan of the Castle of Pembrook, of Carew, in Wales, upon whom King Henry I. bestowed Molesford, in Berkshire; he married Nesta, daughter of Rosse, Prince of South Wales, to whom the said King gave the Castle of Carew in those parts; Gerald had issue by Nesta, Otho de Windsor,