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parish was rated to the 4s. per pound land tax, 1696, 244l. 4s.

East Anthony, in this parish, is the dwelling of the ancient and famous family of gentlemen, the Carews, now Baronets; which lands descended to them by marriage from one of the daughters of Sir Edward Courtney, Knt. of Boconock, whose mother was Philippa, the sole daughter and heir (or one of the coheirs) of Sir Warren Archdeacon, Knt. of this place, a person and family of great fame and estate in former ages; for thus it is recorded that Thomas Archdeacon, of this place, was Sheriff of Cornwall 7th Edward II. Walter L'erch-Deacon was also Sheriff of Cornwall 6th Rich. II. 1383. Which family gave for their arms, in a field Argent, three chevronels Sable, which was lately extant in the glass windows of Leskeard church.

From Sir Nicholas Baron Carew's fourth son, Alexander, by the aforesaid Jone Courteney (he is called Baron St. Carew, for that he was summoned by writ, and by that name to sit in Parliament 3d Edward IV. as a Baron), the gentlemen ever since, and him now in possession of this lordship, are lineally descended. The said Alexander Carew, Esq. was Sheriff of Cornwall 3d Henry VII. His son, John Carew, Esq. was Sheriff of Cornwall 6th Henry VIII. His grandson, Richard Carew, Esq. author of the Survey of Cornwall, was Sheriff thereof the 24th of Elizabeth; whose son, Richard Carew, Esq. was, by letters patents bearing date the 9th of August, 17th Charles I. 1641, created the 278th Baronet of England; whose son or brother, Sir Alexander Carew, was executed for pretended treason against the Parliament of England, about endeavouring to deliver up to Kinge Charles the Island of Plymouth, whereof he was Governor, 23d Dec. 1644. His son, Sir John Carew, Baronet, was one of the Shire Knights of this County 1660, who died about the year 1686, and left issue by , daughter of Sir William