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The Girl and the Habit 205

"Good morning, Mr. Haskins sir? it's natural, thank you don't be quite so fresh . . . Hello, Johnny ten, fifteen, twenty chase along now or they'll take the letters off your cap . . . Beg pardon count it again, please Oh, don't mention it . Vaudeville? thanks; not on your moving picture I was to see Carter in Hedda Gabler on Wednesday night with Mr. Simmons . . . 'Scuse me, I thought that was a quarter . Twenty-five and seventy-five's a dollar got that ham-and-cabbage habit yet. I see, Billy . . . Who are you addressing? say you'll get all that's coming to you in a minute . . . Oh, fudge ! Mr. Bassett you're always fooling no ? Well, maybe I'll marry you some day three, four, and sixty-five is five . . . Kindly keep them remarks to yourself, if you please . Ten cents? 'scuse me; the check calls for seventy well, maybe it is a one instead of a seven . . . Oh, do you like it that way, Mr. Saunders ? some prefer a pomp ; but they say this Cleo de Merody does suit refined features . . . and ten is fifty . Hike along there, buddy; don't take this for

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