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206 The Girl and the Habit

a Coney Island ticket booth . . . Huh? why, Macy's don't it fit nice? Oh, no, it isn't too cool these light-weight fabrics is all the go this season . . . Come again, please that's the third time you've tried to what? forget it that lead quarter is an old friend of mine . . . Sixty-five? must have had your salary raised, Mr. Wilson

. I seen you on Sixth Avenue Tuesday afternoon, Mr. De Forest swell? oh, my! who is she? . . . What's the matter with it? why, it ain't money what? Co- lumbian half? well, this ain't South America

. Yes, I like the mixed best Friday? awfully sorry, but I take my jiu-jitsu lesson on Friday Thursday, then . Thanks that's sixteen times I've been told that this morning I guess I must be beautiful Cut that out, please who do you think I am ? . . . Why, Mr. Westbrook do you really think so? the idea! one eighty and twenty's a dollar thank you ever so much; but I don't ever go automobile riding with gentlemen your aunt? well, that's different perhaps . . . Please don't get fresh your check was fifteen cents, I believe kindly step aside and let ...

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