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34 Anne Bradjlrcct s Works.

Remember, Lord, thy folk whom thou To wilderneffe haft brovght;

Let not thine own Inheritance Bee fold away for Novght.

But Tokens of thy favour Give — With Joy fend back my Dear,

That I, and all thy fervants, may Rejoice with heavenly chear.

Lord, let my eyes fee once Again Him whom thov gaveft me.

That wee together may fing Praife ffor ever vnto Thee.

And the Remainder of oure Dayes

Shall confecrated bee, With an eno-ao'ed heart to fins:

AH Praifes vnto Thee.

��In my Solitary konrcs in my dear Jmjband his Ab/ence.

/^~\ LORD, thov hear'ft my dayly moan, ^-^ And fee'ft my dropping teares: My Troubles All are Thee before, My Longings and my feares.

�� �