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Motif-Index of Folk-Literature
A192. Death or departure of the gods.
A192.1. Death of the gods. Icel.: MacCulloch Eddic 340ff. (at the Doom); Irish myth: Cross; India: Thompson-Balys; Hawaii: Beckwith Myth 110; Tahiti: Henry 231; Chinese: Werner 99, Eberhard FFC CXX 141; Africa: Bouveignes 12.
F259.1. Mortality of fairies.
A192.1.1. Old god slain by young god. Irish myth: Cross.
A525.2. Culture hero (god) slays his grandfather.
A192.1.2. God killed and eaten. Easter Is.: Métraux Ethnology 311.
A192.2. Departure of gods. Tonga: Gifford 102, Nukuhiva (Marquesas): Handy 123.
A560. Culture hero's (demi-god's) departure.
A192.2.1. Deity departs for heaven (skies). Polynesia: Moriori (Chatham Is.), Pora Pora (Society Is.), Samoa: Beckwith Myth 38, 43, *241ff., 254; So. Am. Indian (Apapocuvá-Guarani): Métraux RMLP XXXIII 122.
A192.2.1.1. Deity departs for moon. Polynesia: Hawaii, Beckwith Myth 220, *241; Tuamotu: Stimson MS (T-G. 3/931).
A192.2.2. Divinity departs in boat over sea. Hawaii: Beckwith Myth 29, *37.
A192.2.3. Divinity departs to submarine home. Hawaii: Beckwith Myth 206.
A192.2.4. Divinity departs in column of flame. Pora Pora (Society Is.): Beckwith Myth 38.
A192.3. Expected return of deity. Banks Is. (Fiji): Beckwith Myth 316.
A192.4. Divinity becomes mortal. Tonga: Beckwith Myth 75.
A193. Resurrection of gods. Chinese: Werner 99.
A194. Divinity's emotions.
A194.1. Divinity weeps. Jewish: Neuman.
A194.2. God's vengeance. Jewish: Neuman.
A194.3. God's jealousy. Jewish: Neuman.
A194.4. God's joy. Jewish: Neuman.
A195. Divinity's companions.
A195.1. God dealing with his angels. Jewish: Neuman.
A195.2. Wisdom as God's companion. Jewish: Neuman.
A195.3. Bird as the shadow of a god. Tahiti: Henry 121.
A196. Deity's limitations.
A196.1. Fate controls gods. Greek: Fox 162; Icel.: MacCulloch Eddic 74; Semitic: Langdon 102, 307.
A196.2. Decree of gods irrevocable. India: Thompson-Balys.
M10. Irrevocable judgments.
A196.2.1. Deity changes decision. Jewish: Neuman.