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��He hath founded for himself a penitentiary and refuge. Much good may it do him ! But I do not believe in it.'

In loneliness groweth whatever is brought by one into it, including the inner beast also. On account of that, many are counselled against loneliness !

Hath there ever been anything dirtier on earth than the saints of the desert ? Round them not only the devil was set free, but the swine also.


Shy, ashamed, clumsy, like the tiger foiled in his leap thus, ye higher men, I have seen you often steal aside. A cast of yours had failed.

But what matter ye dice-players ? Ye learned not play and mockery, as one must play and mock! Sit we not ever at a great table of mocking and playing ?

And if ye have failed in great things, are ye, for that reason, yourselves a failure ? But if man is a failure up ! up !


The higher its kin is, the seldomer doth a thing succeed. Ye higher men here, are ye not all failures ?

Be of good cheer ! What matter ? How many things are still possible! Learn to laugh at your- selves, as one must laugh !

�� �