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What wonder that ye have failed and half-failed, ye half-broken ones ! In yourselves, doth not man's future throng and push ?

Man's remotest, deepest, star-highest essence, his immense power do they not all seethe against each other in your pot ?

What wonder that many a pot breaketh ! Learn to laugh at each other, as one must laugh ! Ye higher men, how many things are still possible !

And, verily ! how many things have already suc- ceeded. How rich is this earth in small, good, perfect things, in well-constituted things !

Put small, good, perfect things round yourselves, ye higher men ! Their golden ripeness healeth the heart. Perfect things teach hope.


What hath hitherto been the greatest sin on earth ? Was it the word of him who said : ' Woe unto those who laugh here?'

Did he himself find no reasons for laughing on earth ? If so, he sought but ill. A child even findeth reasons here.

He did not love enough. Otherwise he would have loved us also, the laughers ! But he hated and mocked at us. Howling and gnashing of teeth we were prom- ised by him.

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