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Dr. Kidd on the Mineralogy of St. David's.

vicinity of Boston in North America;[1] and should it ever receive general confirmation, it might I think be fairly applied to the correction of one part of the present nomenclature of Geology. I would in that case, for instance, propose that the term sienite should be generally applicable to the whole series, and that the slaty or granular forms of it should be specifically described by those epithets; and thus, in a few instances at least, we should attain the desirable object of banishing the term grauwacke from the language of mineralogy; a term not only offensive from its harshness but still more from its want of precision.

  1. There is a paper on this subject by M. Godon in the 15th vol. of the Annales du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle, p. 455, the perusal of which will amply repay those who may be induced to read it.