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Mr. Horner on the Brine Springs at Droitwich.
Or Muriate of soda 96.48 per cent.
Sulphate of lime 1.63
Sulphate of soda. 1.82
Muriate of magnesia 0.07

By Exp. B. a. it has been shewn that three ounces of the brine yielded by evaporation 431.86 grs. of entire salt, which is equal to 143.95 grs. in one ounce.

Before concluding this paper, I shall compare the results I have obtained, with the accounts of the Cheshire Brine Springs, given by Dr. Holland in his Agricultural Survey of that county, and subsequently by Dr. Henry in the Philosophical Transactions for 1810.

The densities of the different brines in Cheshire and at Droitwich are very nearly alike. In general, the former seem to contain rather a larger proportion of pure muriate of soda. The Droitwich brine is free from carbonate of lime, oxide of iron, and muriate of lime; all which are contained in that of Cheshire, though in very minute quantity. But the most remarkable difference between the two is, that the brine of Cheshire contains no sulphate of soda, which I have found in that of Droitwich, in the proportion of nearly 2 per cent.