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Mr. William Phillips on the Veins of Cornwall.

dance of yellow ore (from which brilliant specimens were selected in tetrahedral crystals of considerable size) and was worked to about 100 fathoms from the surface. Bodilly's vein varied from one to six feet in width, the ore was yellow, the vein was for the most part poor and hard, and was worked to the depth of about 125 fathoms. The load, or substance, of the South and Dunkin's veins, passed through the New Tin vein, which, a little below the latter of them, yielded a considerable quantity of tin, as it did also at about 70 fathoms from the surface; in the intermediate space it likewise yielded tin, with a very small quantity of copper, but was far from rich. It was pursued for about 90 fathoms in depth. In the small vein on the south of Chapple's vein some tin was found, but the quantity was not considerable. Chapple's vein varied from one to three feet in width, and yielded yellow copper ore, interspersed with large quantities of iron pyrites. It was worked to about 100 fathoms from the surface, as was also the Highburrow vein, which varied from six to twelve feet in width, and yielded both tin and copper, either intermixed or running side by side down the vein: the latter was both yellow and grey, and very abundant. The old vein is very large, and was very productive of tin for about the depth of 45 fathoms from the surface, when it became poor, and was found to contain little else than iron pyrites. But as this vein, during many years, proved immensely rich in copper when passing through Cook's Kitchen mine, which is contiguous to Tin Croft on the west, little doubt is entertained by miners that it will also be found rich in copper at a greater depth than it has hitherto been proved in this mine. To Captain Thomas Teague, of Redruth, an experienced and very intelligent miner, and who during many years has principally conducted the working of Tin Croft mine, I am indebted for the Section. He informed me