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Mr. William Phillips on the Veins of Cornwall.

success. After much labour and expense had been bestowed, it was discovered that underneath the brook forming the boundary between the two mines ran a cross vein of flucan, varying from a few inches to a few feet in thickness; this vein is believed to run quite across the country from sea to sea, heaving, in the phrase of the miner, all those parts of the veins, which it is known to intersect, on the western side of it, higher north than those on the eastern side; so that those parts of the veins in Tol Cam mine had been heaved by it full eighty fathoms higher north than the other parts of them in Huel Jewel, which however were found to correspond with those in Tol Carn not only in their respective distances but also in dimension. One circumstance however that added materially to the strange consequences of the cross vein was, that although the veins in Huel Jewel were rich quite to the cross vein, those in Tol Cam mine were almost without a speck of ore in them: it was therefore abandoned after a great expense, and consequently a great loss has been incurred.

Parallel with the veins of Tol Carn mine, but on the south of it, run the veins of the rich copper mine called Huel Damsel; these have not, I believe, been wrought quite home to the Great Cross vein. By the annexed ground plan it will be seen that a vein of flucan, varying from 2 inches to 2 feet in thickness, but without any perceptible underlie, that is to say, going down in a direction about perpendicular to the horizon, ran nearly north-east and south-west, intersecting the veins of Huel Jewel, the Great Cross vein, and the veins of Huel Damsel, and, to use the miner's phrase, heaving them, in the directions laid down in the plan about two fathoms from their strait courses. This vein is by the miner called a flucan.

It should be noticed that in the working of the above mines,