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Dr. Steinhauer's Geology of the Coast of Labrador.

green variety. The missionaries describe the southern part of this chain, as exhibiting a very singular appearance towards the sea, being composed of alternate layers of black and white rock in a vertical position, which makes the cliffs seem striped; the black strata are about 5 feet in thickness, the white double that breadth. Nulletartok bay, still farther south, and probably near the extremity of the same chain, has been called Slate Bay, from a stratum of slate which appears there a little above high-water mark; from this stratum the travellers write, that an acrid liquid, of a strong sulphurous smell, exudes, which seems to indicate an impregnation with sulphuric acid. Below high-water mark, in the same bay, they noticed a stratum, which they describe as resembling cast iron, with a glossy, somewhat reddish, surface, and extremely hard, (qu. a haematitic iron ore?) The north side of the Kaumayok mountains consists of a white stone, with black or grey veins, resembling statuary marble, but very hard. Of the productions of the Kiglapyed we have no account, but to the south of this chain the district commences, where the Labrador felspar is found. This stone was first distinguished by the late Rev. B. Latrobe,[1] among a number of specimens sent to him; it occurs not only in pebbles on the shore, but in spots in the rocks in the neighbourhood of Nain, and particularly near a lagoon, about 50 or 60 miles inland, in which Nain north river terminates. Its colours darting through the limpid crystal of the lake, and flashing from the cliffs more especially when moistened by a shower of rain, changing continually with every alteration in the position of the boat, are described as almost realizing a scene in fairy land. The same district produces

  1. President of the Society for the furtherance of the Gospel established by the Brethren.