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XXI. Memoranda relative to Clovelly, North Devon.

By the Rev. J. J. Conybeare, Member of the Geological Society.

In a Letter addressed to G. B. Greenough, Esq. V. Pr. G. S.
My Dear Sir,

IF either the enclosed memoranda relative to the neighbourhood of Clovelly, or the drawings which accompany them possess any interest, they can derive it only from the consideration that the geological features of that remarkable spot do not hitherto appear to have attracted the attention of any person engaged in those studies which it is the object of our Society to promote. The former, though, I trust accurate, are, I fear, extremely scanty. The latter I can only offer as faithfully copied from sketches made upon the spot, they will furnish their own apology by shewing at once that they are the work of one who is uninstructed and almost entirely unpractised in that art.

The small Fishing Town of Clovelly is situated in a narrow and precipitous ravine on the north coast of Devon, about 22 miles to the westward of Ilfracombe, and has attracted some notice from the singularly picturesque scenery of itself and its more immediate environs, the general character of which much resembles that of Linton, upon the same coast, so frequently described by modem tourists.

Having understood that, in addition to this recommendation, the