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1814 donations. donors
June3. Annals of Philosophy; by Dr. Thomson, N° 15, 16, 17, 18. The Editor.
Journal des Mines from the commencement to the present time. L'administration des Mines de la France
17. A Manual of Mineralogy; by Arthur Aikin, Sec. to the Geological Society. The Author.
Specchio delle Scienze o Giornale. Enciclopedico di Sicilia. Palermo, 1813. The Editors.
Traité Elémentaire de Minéralogie, par M. Brogniart H. Warburton, Esq. Sec. G. Soc.
Regenfuss on Shellsfol. ……
Appendix to Aikin's Chemical Dictionary W. Phillips, Esq. Memb. G. Soc.
Practische Gebirgskunde von I. C. Voigt. W. Sheffield, Esq.
Journal de Physique, in continuation to February, 1814. R. Ferguson, Esq. Memb. G. Soc.
Seven books on Mineralogical Subjects. M. Etter.
II. Donations to the Collection of Maps, Sections, &c.
View of the Soufriére of Guadaloupe, by Mons. Coussin, jun. N. Nugent, M.D. Hon. Memb. G. Soc.
Dec.6. Drawing of the rock of Stirling Castle, and Map of the United States of America. G. B. Greenough, Esq. Pres. G. Soc.
20. Drawing of the disturbance of some Coal Strata, six miles south-east of Hexham. Rev. W. Turner, Hon. Mem. G. Soc.
Section shewing the mode of blasting rocks at Newcastle. ……
Section of the Strata at Coalcleugh, Alston Moor. ……
Plan of the Mines at Alston Moor. G. B Greenough, Esq. Pres. G. Soc.
1812. Section of the Strata at Allon Heads near Alston Moor. Thomas Crawhall, Esq.
Jan.17. Drawing of Curvatnres in the Killas near Plymouth J. MacCulloch, M.D. Memb. G. Soc.
Drawing of Limestone Strata at Chepstow. ……
Drawing of a Curvature in the Coal Strata in the Coalfield at Tenby. ……
Sections of the Strata at Bradford, near Manchester. Robert Bakewell, Esq.
Sections of Strata at East Rainton Colliery. John Buddle, jun. Esq. Hon. Memb. G. Soc.
————————at Engine pit, Percymain Colliery ……
————————at Wall's end F. pit. ……
————————at Engine pit, Willingworth. ……
————————from the High main to the Low main coal seam, at Charlotte pit, Walker colliery. ……
————————at Coxlodge. ……