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Map and Sections of the Isle of Man, in illustration of Dr. Berger's paper, Page 29.

In the upper Section a b is the upper limit of arable Land at the height of 937 feet above the sea.
c d is the lower limit of Turbary ground, at the height of 1378 feet above the sea.
e f is the lower limit of Turbary ground, in another part of the island, at the height of 692 feet above the sea.

The Figures in the Map refer to the names of the Hills.—Vide Table, beginning at page 62.


Fig. 1. Plan of the Vitrified Fort of Dun Mac Sniochain, described by Dr. MacCulloch, p. 257.
Fig. 2, 3. Plan and Section of the Coal-field at Bradford, near Manchester, described by Mr. Bakewell, p. 282.

PLATES 3, 4, 5.

In illustration of Dr. Mac Culloch's paper on the Granite Tors of Cornwall, p. 66.

Plate 3. The Logging Rock at the Land's End, as it appeared in 1796, described, p. 67.
Plate 4. The Cheese-wring near Liskeard, described, p. 69.
Plate 5. The Vixen Tor, on Dartmoor, described, p. 70.

PLATES 6, 7, 8.

In illustration of Mr. William Phillips's paper on the Veins of Cornwall, p. 110.

Plate 6. Fig. 1. Ground Plan of Veins in Tol Carn, Huel jewel, and Huel Damsel Mines, p. 155.
—— 2. Slide, p. 136.
—— 3. Feeder, p. 138.
—— 4. Course Flucan, p. 126.
—— 5. Leader, p. 138.
—— 6. Ground Plan of Veins in Huel Alfred, p. 157.