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Some of which it will be necessary to correct, as materially affecting the sense of the passages, where they occur.

Page 9, Line 14, for difficulty read difficultly
69, 11, iconocolasts iconoclasts
152, 4, two chanels one channel
163, 21, Pl. 9. Pl. 11.
167, 6, found formed
16, has have
169, 9, petrefactions petrifactions
187, 4, dele (;) after Agglestone
213, 14, for may read might
438, 4, after Fig. 3 insert Plate 32, Fig. l.
440, 6, after the word figures, insert Pl. 31, left hand figure at top.

The Papers referred to in pages 475, 476, and 478, were intended to be included in the present volume, when those pages were printed: their publication has been deferred to the 3d Volume of the Society's Transactions.

In the list of Donations to the Collection of Maps, insert 12 Copies of a new Map of England, in 4 Sheets, from A. Arrowsmith, Esq.