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Reading, account of the plastic clay beds, near 278
Red marl or sandstone of the south-eastern part of Durham described 2
──────────────── analogous to the red sandstone of Nottinghamshire 3
Red marl, probable identity of the deposites of, that cover the coal measures and abut against the inclined edges of mountain limestone 208
Red sandstone with gypsum composes the greater part of the plain of Carlisle 105
────────── more recent than the old red sandstone 106-115
──────────────────, its contact with the other rocks near Melmerby, described 112
────────── near Melmerby the same as that of Cheshire and Salop 116
Red sandstone, Old, found in the Cheviot hills 94
─────────────── interposed between the limestone series of Cross Fell, and the slate 111
─────────────── the lowest rock of the neighbourhood of Bristol 210
─────────────── bed of, in the slate near Cruachan 119-135
─────────────── transition between it and gneiss in Sky 161-165
Resin and oil, substance composed of, found near Stockport 445
Roads, Parallel. See Parallel Roads.
Saddleback height of 436
Salt spring, issuing from the interstices of a basaltic vein at Butterby 24
Sandstone, varieties of in the coal measures, described 17
────────, beds of in the lead mine measures described 63
────────, of Strathaird in Sky, observations on 171
Satin spar, found in a black slate clay at Aldstone 67
Schist of Cruachan, its junction with the granite 120
──────────── much indurated where in contact with the granite 121
Secondary strata, of Scotland, their line of separation from the primary generally noticed 221