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Section of the coal measures 31
────── of the lead mine measures 59
────── of collieries in the lead mine measures 69
────── at Dinsdale 97
────── of Catsgrove Hill, near Reading 278, 281
────── of the Woolwich sand pits 284
────── of Loam Pit Hill, near Lewisham 285
────── at the canal at New Cross 292
────── of the Castle Hill at Newhaven 296
────── of the cliff near Dieppe 298
────── of the Pentowan Stream works 405, 406
Shakespeare's Cliffs height of 437
Shale, numerous beds of, among the lead mine measures 66
Shap Fells, height of 432
Shell Marle, Mr. Warburton, on some beds of, in Scotland 305
Shifted Vein, Dr. Mac Culloch on a 392
Silica, infiltration of 266, 269
Siliceous schist, on the western shore of Sky derived from shale 176
Skiddaw, height of 436
Sky, Dr. Mac Culloch's additions to the Sketch of the Mineralogy of, published in the Third Volume of the Transactions of the Geological Society 156
─── alternations of gneiss and mica slate in, 159—with chlorite, schist, ib.—and hornblende schist, 160—transition of the gneiss series into graywacke, 161165—Quartz rock series in, 161—Limestone series, 167—Trap, 173—Siliceous schist and chert, 17 6—Augit rock, 182—Hypersthene rock, 184—Minerals of, 186, seq.
─── remarkable alluvial deposit in 189
Slate, converted into siliceous schist in Sky 176
─── shells found in, at Tintagel 424
────────────── on Snowdon 425
─── granite veins tin, in he Mourne mountains 443
Slate and Greenstone, group of rocks of, described 105
Slate Clay, found throughout the Coal field 17
Sleat, Promontory of, in Sky, described 159
Sleat, in Sky, mass of trap at 182