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Smith, Edward, Esq, on the Stream works of Pentowan 404
Snowdon, shells found in the slate of, 425
─────── height of 434
Springs, in the neighbourhood of Bristol, their situation 204
St. Agnes, Rev J. J. Conybeare, on the porphyritic veins of 401
Strath, in Sky, remarkable trap veins at 185
Strontian, found near Knaresborough 445
────── Sulphate of, found in balls in the sandstone near Bristol 196, 202, 214
────────────── on the primitive crystal and cleavage of, 255
Staurotide, on the primitive crystal of 250
Syenite, of Sky, described 169
Taylor, John, Esq. Description of the Tunnel of the Tavistock Canal, through Morwel Down in the county of Devon 146
──────────── notice on some appearances in coak 448
Tin, Oxide of, Mr. Phillips on the cleavage of 245
Tino, Isle of, notice on the rocks of the 446
Tintagel, shells found in the slate of 424
Traill, T. S. M.D. notice of iserine and magnetic iron-sand in Cheshire 447
Trap, in the vicinity of Cruachan 137
────, of Sky described 178
────, variety of, called augit rock by Dr. Mac Culloch described 182
────, variety of, called hypersthene rock by Dr. Mac Culloch described 184
────, account of remarkable veins ol§ at Strath in Sky 185
────, Kinnoul Hill composed chiefly of 221
─────────────, its varieties there, described 222
────, occurs at Micklewood in Gloucestershire 444
──── of Kinnoul, both porphyritic and amygdaloidal 223
─────────────, its junction with schist 228
──── of Sky, additions to the account of 180
──── of Irottemish, has the appearance of inter stratification and alternation with the strata it covers 180