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degree from the salutary restraints and inflictions of penal discipline.

Let the settlement of Moreton Bay, therefore, be immediately thrown open to free emigration, under the following restrictions; viz., that no convicts shall be assigned to private individuals, and no ardent spirits be allowed either to be imported or manufactured in that settlement; and let whatever convicts it may be expedient to employ in future in that part of the territory, be employed exclusively in clearing land for free settlers, and in such public works as the formation of roads, &c. Let a portion, moreover, of the land-revenue of the colony, which is at present rapidly accumulating in the colonial treasury-chest, be employed forthwith in carrying out free emigrants of the class of farm-labourers, mechanics, &c. to be settled at Moreton Bay, having a clergyman and schoolmaster for each hundred familes; and let these families be settled on the land already cleared by the government, the said land to be divided for that purpose into small farms of perhaps twenty acres each; the settler engaging to pay the estimated price of his farm by instalments, bearing interest after the first year, in five or six years. And the convicts retained at the settlement being employed in the mean time in clearing