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land for additional emigrants, in the proportion of ten acres, or thereabouts, for each farm of twenty to fifty acres, let such emigrants be carried out to occupy these farms as fast as they can be got ready for their reception; the emigrant settler engaging to pay a certain fixed price per acre for the whole of his land, together with the stipulated additional price for the portion cleared, on the conditions above-mentioned.

At the commencement of the year 1835, the amount of the balance of unappropriated land-revenue in the treasury-chest of New South Wales, including £10,000 which had been advanced on loan to the deputy commissary-general, was £52,521. 16s.d., which, added to the amount received for land sold up to the 30th of June, 1836, made the whole amount up to that period £193,619. 6s.. 7½d. Of that amount not more than £8663 had been paid for the passage of free emigrants during the year 1835, while about £30,000 additional had been appropriated by the colonial government for paying the passage of additional emigrants to be sent for by the colonists during the year 1836. At all events, it is unquestionable, that by the first of January, 1837, there would be not less than £150,000 of unappropriated land-revenue in the colonial treasury-chest. If, therefore, only £40,000 of that amount should be appropriated