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Return to England in 1881—Mandy's ostrich farm near Port Elizabeth—Resolve to give up hunting—Return to South Africa—Variety entertainment at Port Elizabeth—Go to Kimberley—My horse Diamond—African horse sickness—Ride to Klerksdorp—Dutch hospitality—Notes on the Boers—Reach Klerksdorp and fit out expedition to the interior—Meet Mr. Arnot—Journey through the Transvaal—Reach De Lange's farm—A snake-stone—Proceed to the Limpopo—Death of my horse Diamond—Dry weather—Antelope-shooting—Butterfly-collecting—Ox killed by crocodile—Death of Berns Niemand.

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Drought and heat—Determine to ride on to Bamangwato—Lions heard roaring—Ride by moonlight—Moruling "vley" dry—Off saddle at the Brack Reeds—Adventure with lioness—Reach Bamangwato—Kindness of Khama—Rainy weather sets in—Return to my waggon—Form hunting camp in Mashunaland—Shoot three sable antelopes—Set gun for hyæna—Gun goes off without result—Lions! lions! the lions have caught the big dog—Sable antelope skins carried off by lions—Waiting for daybreak—Unsuccessful search for the lions—Return to camp—Set guns for the lions—Blucher comes back—But eventually dies—Hyæna shot—Shoot three tsessebe antelopes—Lion shot—Ride on to a second lion—Wound the lion—Lose sight of him, and follow up his spoor—Laer in trouble—Second lion killed—Another hyæna shot.

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Collecting specimens of natural history—Meet Mr. and Mrs. Dorehill—Shoot leopard—Start for the Zambesi—Reach Manyanga's village—Timidity of the natives—Shoot sable antelope—Chikasi's village—My donkey is killed by hyænas—Cross the Mutiki river—Reach Se-fu-pi's—Mount Inyambari—Descend to the valley of the Zambesi—The Umsengaisi river—Impala antelopes—Reach the Zambesi—José Miguel Lobo—Start for Zumbo—Pass Perizengi's town—Black rhinoceros spoor—Sleep at Matakania's town—Cross the Panyami—A jovial host—Reach Kanyemba's—Arrival at Zumbo—Hospitality of the Portuguese—Collecting butterflies on the River Loangwa—Ruins of old Zumbo—Start for Mashunaland—Wild jasmine bushes—Cross the River Angwa