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CHAP. IV. Some Account of the Trade-Winds and Monsoons— Application of this to the Voyage to Ophir and Tarshish. P. 427

CHAP. V. Fluctuating State of the India Trade — Hurt by military Expeditions of the Persians — Revives under the Ptolemies — Falls to Decay under the Romans 447

CHAP. VI. Queen of Saba visits Jerusalem—Abyssinian Tradition concerning Her — Supposed Founder of that Monarchy— Abyssinia embraces the Jewish Religion — Jewish Hierarchy still retained by the Falasha — Some Conjectures concerning their Copy of the Old Testament. 471

CHAP. VII Books in use in Abyssinia — Enoch - Abyssinia not converted by the Apostles — Conversion from Judaism to Christianity by Frumentius. 493