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shadows round her pale mouth and deep under her eyes.

"It is nothing, it is only a touch of faintness. Not an attack. Gabriel, you were not frightened?" she asked, and put out her hand to him.

Peter said something inarticulate and got up from where he had been kneeling beside her.

"I'll get you some brandy."

"Shall I go?" Gabriel asked, but was holding her hand.

"No, no. You stay. Dr. Kennedy knows where it is."

Gabriel knelt beside her now.

"Were you frightened?" she asked, still a little faintly.

"Love, lover, sweet, my heart was shaken with terror."

"It is really nothing. We have had such a wonderful day I was trying to play it all to you. Then the glory spread, brightened, overwhelmed me ..."


"Hush! he is coming back. You won't believe anything he tells you?"

"Not if you tell me you are not really ill? Oh! my darling! I could not bear it if you were to suffer. Let me get some one else …"

Peter was back with the brandy, a measured dose, he brushed Gabriel aside as if now at least he had the mastery of the position. For all Gabriel's pre-