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occupation with Margaret, Dr. Kennedy managed to attract from him a wondering moment of attention. Need he have knelt to administer the draught? What was it he was murmuring? Whatever it was Margaret was unwilling to hear. She leaned back, closing her eyes. When the maid came, torn reluctantly from her supper, she was able, nevertheless, to reassure her.

"Nothing of consequence, Stevens, not an attack. I am going across to my bedroom. One of you will lend me an arm," they were both in readiness, "or both." She took an arm of one and an arm of the other, smiled in both their faces. "What a way to wind up our little evening! You will have to forgive me, entertain each other."

"I'll come in again and see you when you are comfortable," the doctor said, a little defiantly, Gabriel thought.

"No, don't wait. Not on any account. Stevens knows everything to do for me. Show Mr. Stanton where the cigars are."

They were not in good humour when they left her.

"I don't smoke cigars," Gabriel said abruptly when Dr. Kennedy made a feint of carrying out her wishes. Peter shrugged his shoulders.

"She told me to find them for you."

"Has she had attacks like this before?" Gabriel asked, after a pause. Peter answered gloomily:

"And will again if she is allowed to overtire her-