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affairs." Gabriel was quite himself again and very stiff.

"But I understand you will be."

"I would rather not discuss the future with you."

"Then you do intend to try and out me?"

Gabriel was suddenly a little sorry for him, he looked so desperately miserable and anxious, and after all he, Peter Kennedy, was leaving the house. Gabriel was remaining, sleeping under the same roof.

"I will see her maid if possible. You shall be called up if you are needed. Nothing but her well-being, her own wish will be thought of ... Anyway you shall have a report."

"As her doctor she trusts me. I can ease her symptoms." It was almost a plea. "She need not suffer."

"Of course you will be sent for. They have your telephone number?"

Peter held out his hand.

"Good-night. You're a good fellow. She is quite right. I suppose I ought not to have told you how it is with me...?"

"It is of no consequence," Gabriel answered, intending to be courteous.