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Sunday morning the church bells were chiming against the blue sky in the clear air. Both invalids were better. The reports Gabriel received whilst he sat over his solitary breakfast were to the effect that Miss Stanton had slept well and was without headache, she sent word also of her intention to go to church if it were possible. Stevens herself told him that Mrs. Capel would be coming down at eleven o'clock or half-past, having had an excellent night. He was not to stay in for her.

"Can you tell me how far off is the nearest church?"

Stevens was fully informed on the matter. There were two almost within equal distance.

"Not more than a quarter of an hour to twenty minutes away. The nearest is the 'ighest.…" Stevens was a typical English maid, secretly devoted to her mistress, well up in her duties but with a perpetual grievance or list of grievances. "Not that I get there myself, not on Sunday mornings, since I've been here."

Gabriel was sympathetic. Contempt, however, was thrown upon his suggestion of the afternoon.