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"Children's services and such-like, no thank you!"

As for the evenings Stevens said "they was mostly hymns." He detained her for a few minutes, for was she not Margaret's confidential maid, compensating her, too, for her lack of religious privileges. He told her to tell her mistress he would walk to church with his sister and then return, that he looked forward to seeing her if she were really better. Otherwise she was not to think of rising.

"She'll get up right enough. I'm to have her bath ready at 'alf-past ten."

When Anne came down he walked with her over the commonland, bright with gorse and broom that lay between Carbies and the higher of the two churches, heard how Anne had lain awake and then how she had slept, sure of the intervention of Mrs. Roope. Her headache had completely disappeared.

"You did send that telegram, didn't you?"

Gabriel assured her that the telegram had been duly despatched.

"She must have started on me at once. She is a good creature. I wish you were more sympathetic to it. You've never once been with me to a meeting."

"But I have not put anything in the way of your going."