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"I should like to get back to town as early as possible this afternoon," she said. " I am sure I don't know what has come over me, I felt well before I came. The place cannot agree with me. I hope you don't think me very rude, but if we can have a fly for the first train…"

Gabriel was full of consternation and remonstrated with her. Margaret whispered to him it was better so. Nothing was to be gained by detaining her against her will.

"We have next week…"

"All the weeks," he whispered back.

Margaret offered Stevens' services, but Anne said she preferred to pack for herself, then she knew just where everything was. The lovers had an hour to themselves whilst she was engaged in this congenial occupation. She reminded Gabriel that he too must put his things together, and he agreed. She thought this made matters safe.

"Stevens will do them for you," Margaret said softly. He did not care how they were jumbled in, or what left behind, so that he secured this precious hour.

"Something has upset her, it was not only the lunch," Margaret said sapiently. He did not wish to enlighten her.

"Has she worried you, beloved one?"

"Not very much, not as much as she ought to perhaps. I was selfish with her, left her too much