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"Stanton has been to a public school and university, is no end of a swell at classics. I got what little education I have at St. Paul's and the London University, walked the hospitals and thought well of myself for doing it, that I was coming up in the world. My father was a country dentist. I've studied more, learnt more since you've been here than in all my student days. You've opened a new world to me. I didn't know there were women like you. After the girls I've met! You were such a … lady, and all that. You are so clever too, and satirical, I don't mind you being down on me. It isn't as if you were strong."

She smiled and asked him whether her delicacy was an additional charm.

"Well, yes, in a way it is. I can always bring you round. I want you to go on letting me be your doctor. You hardly had that pain a minute tonight. It is angina, you know, genuine angina pectoris, and I can do no end of things for it."

"You don't mean I must always have these pains, that they will grow worse?" She grew pale and he saw he had made a mistake, hastening to reassure her.

"You've only got to live quietly, take things easily."

"Oh, that will be all right. When I am married everything will be easy," she said almost com-