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placently. And then in plaintive explanation or apology added, "I bear pain so badly."

"And I may go on doctoring you?"

"I don't suppose I shall send to Pineland if I should feel not quite well," she answered seriously. "We are going to live in London."

"I'll come up to London. There is no difficulty about that. I've started reading for my M.D. I can get back to my old hospital." She rallied him a little and then sent him away.

"I shall expect to hear you are house physician when I return from my honeymoon!"

"May I come up in the morning? I want to hear that attack has not recurred."

"The morning is a long way off, the night has to be got through first." Suddenly she remembered her panic and had a faint recrudescence of fear. "I've so many things on my mind. I wish you could ensure me a good night."

"But I can," he said eagerly. "I can easily."

"And without after-effects?"

"Without any bad after-effects."

"The bromide! but it always makes me feel dull and stupid."


"I am frightened of veronal."

"Adolin, paraldehyde, trional, a small injection of morphia?"