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"There is no mind..."

"Oh! damn your jargon. What have you come here for? What do you want?" He stopped opposite to her in his restless walking. There shot a gleam of avarice into her dull eye.

"Is he your mouthpiece?" she asked Margaret, who nodded her assent. "I want nothing for myself."

"For whom, then?"

"The labourer is worthy of his hire.... Our Church..."

"You call it a church, do you ? And you are short of cash. There are not enough silly women, half-witted men. You want money..."

"For the promulgation of our tenets." She interrupted. "Yes, we need money for that, for the regeneration of the world."

"And to keep your own house going."

"Your insults do not touch me. I am uplifted from them. Nothing touches the true believer."

Margaret called him over to her and whispered:

"Find out whether James knows anything of this or whether she is acting on her own; what she really wants. I can't talk to her."

Mrs. Roope went on talking and spluttering out texts.

"Cannot you see that Mrs. Capel is ill?" he said angrily.