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The Christian Healer was quick to take the opening he gave her.

"Sickness is a growth of error, springing from man's ignorance of Christian Science."

"Oh! more rot—rot—rot, rot! Shut it! What we want to know is if there is any one in this but yourself. We don't admit a word of truth in your allegations. They are lies, and we have no doubt you know they are lies."

"Mrs. Capel will make her own deductions. What have you to do with it, young man?"

"I'll tell you what I have to do with it. I am here to protect this lady."

"Mr. Capel and his lawyer will understand."

"That isn't what you came down here to say."

"I knew that I should be guided. I prayed about it with my husband."

"A pretty sight! 'The Blackmailers' Prayer!' How it must have stank to Heaven! And this fellow here?"

"My nephew. An honourable young man, one of the believers."

"He would be. What's the proverb? Bon sang ne peut pas mentir. Well, for the whole lot of you, your prayerful husband, your honourable nephew, and yourself?"

"What is it you are asking me?"

"As you are here and not with James Capel it is fair to presume you've got your price. Mrs. Capel