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mustn't open it, you must get stronger first. You know you can't use it yet."

"Yes, I can."

"It would be very wrong. You wouldn't do it well."

"I'm sick of being ordered about." But I could barely move and breathing was becoming difficult to me, I had a sense of faintness, suffocation, the room grew dark. He opened the door and called nurse. Ella came in with her. I was conscious of that.

"What does she have when she is like this? Smelling salts, brandy?" Nurse began to fan me; my cheeks were very flushed.

Ella opened the windows, wide, quietly; the scent of the gorse came in. I did not want to speak, only to be able to breathe.

Nurse telegraphed him an enquiring glance. Strychnine? her dumb lips asked. He shook his head.

"Oxygen. Have you got a cylinder of oxygen in the house?" He took the pillows from under my head.

I don't know what they tried or left untried. Whenever I opened my eyes I sought for Ella's. I knew she would not let them do anything to me that might bring the pain back. I was only overtired. I managed to say so presently. When I was really better and Dr. Kennedy gone, Ella said a bitter word