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or two about him. Nurse too thought she should have been called sooner. A good nurse, but dissatisfied up to now with all my treatment, with my change of doctors, with my resistance to authority, and Ella's interference.

"Ella." She had been sitting by the fire but came over to me at once.

"What is it? I am only going to stop a minute. Then I shall leave you to nurse. That man stopped too long, over-excited you. We mustn't have him again, he doesn't understand you."

"Yes he does; perfectly." My voice may have been faint, but I succeeded in making it urgent. "Ella, I want to see him again in the morning, nothing must prevent it, nothing. Don't talk against him, I want him."

"Then you shall have him," she decided promptly. Notwithstanding my terrible weakness and want of breath I smiled at her.

"I suppose you've fallen in love with him," she said. Love and love-making were half her life, the game she found most fascinating. They were nothing to do with mine.

"See that he comes. That's all. However ill I am, whether I'm ill or not, he is to come."

"You noticed his clothes?"

"Oh, yes!"

Nurse I suppose thought we had both gone mad. But she came over to me and lifted me into a more