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identifying countries be redacted. The Study therefore lists the countries by letter. The Study uses the same designations consistently, so "Country J," for example, refers to the same country throughout the Study.

19 July 31, 2003, email from John Rizzo to   re Rump PC on interrogations.

20 Lotus Notes message from Chief of the CIA Station in Country   to D/CTC, COPS; copied in: email from  , to [REDACTED], [REDACTED], cc: [REDACTED],  , ,  , subj: ADCI Talking Points for Call to DepSec Armitage, date 9/23/2004, at 7:40:43 PM

21 Briefing slides, CIA Interrogation Program, July 29, 2003

22 No CIA detention facilities were established in these two countries.

23 U.S. law (22 U.S.C. § 3927) requires that chiefs of mission "shall be kept fully and currently informed with respect to all activities and operations of the Government within that country," including the activities and operations of the CIA.

24 Sametime communication, between John P. Mudd and  , April 13, 2005.

25 Sametime communication, between John P. Mudd and  , April 13, 2005.

26 March 29,2002, email from   to   re A–Z Interrogation Plan.

27 ALEC   (182321Z JUL 02)

28 January 8, 1989, Letter from John L. Helgerson, Director of Congressional Affairs, to Vice Chairman William S. Cohen, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, re: SSCI Questions on  , at 7-8.

29 [REDACTED] 1528 (191903Z DEC 03)

30 Report of Audit, CIA-controlled Detention Facilities Operated Under the 17 September 2001 Memorandum of Notification, Report No. 2005-0017-AS, June 14, 2006.

31 April 15, 2005, email from [REDACTED] (Chief of Base of DETENTION SITE BLACK), to  , , , re General Comments.

32 "Learned helplessness" in this context was the theory that detainees might become passive and depressed in response to adverse or uncontrollable events, and would thus cooperate and provide information. Memo from Grayson SWIGERT, Ph.D., February 1, 2003, "Qualifications to provide special mission interrogation consultation."

33 They also concluded that the CIA "should not be in the business of running prisons or 'temporary detention facilities.'" May 12, 2004, Memorandum for Deputy Director for Operations from  , Chief, Information Operations Center, and Henry Crumpton, Chief, National Resources Division via Associate Deputy Director for Operations, with the subject line, "Operational Review of CIA Detainee Program."

34 March 21, 2005, Memorandum for Deputy Director for Operations from Robert L. Grenier, Director DCI Counterterrorism Center, re Proposal for Full-Scope Independent Study of the CTC Rendition, Detention, and Interrogation Programs.

35 September2, 2005, Memorandum from   to Director Porter Goss, CIA, "Assessment of EITs Effectiveness."

36 September 23, 2005, Memorandum from   to The Honorable Porter Goss, Director, Central Intelligence Agency, "Response to request from Director for Assessment of EIT effectiveness."

37 February 10, 2006, Memorandum for [  CIA OFFICER 1], CounterTerrorist Center, National Clandestine Service, from Executive Director re: Accountability Decision.

38 Congressional notification, CIA Response to OIG Investigation Regarding the Rendition and Detention of German Citizen Khalid al-Masri, October 9, 2007.

39 Memorandum for Inspector General; from: James Pavitt, Deputy Director for Operations; subject: re Comments to Draft IG Special Review, "Counterterrorism Detention and Interrogation Program" (2003-7123-IG); date: February 27, 2004; attachment: February 24, 2004, Memorandum re Successes of CIA's Counterterrorism Detention and Interrogation Activities.

40 February 24, 2004, Memorandum from Scott W. Muller, General Counsel, to Inspector General re Interrogation Program Special Review (2003-7123-IG).

41 November 9, 2006, email from John A. Rizzo, to Michael V. Hayden, Stephen R. Kappes, cc: Michael Morell,  ,  ,  , subject: Fw: 5 December 2006 Meeting with ICRC Rep.

42 CIA Comments on the February 2007 ICRC Report on the Treatment of Fourteen "High Value Detainees" in CIA Custody."

43 Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing transcript for April 12, 2007.

44 DCIA Talking Points for 12 January 2006 Meeting with the President, re: Way Forward on Counterterrorist Rendition, Detention and Interrogation Program.

45 HEADQUARTERS   (07142Z JUN 04)

46 [REDACTED] 5759(  03); ALEC   (  03); ALEC   (  03)

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