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STATUTE Ⅲ.—1799.

Crimes. Holding Correspondence with a Foreign Government, &c. An act for the punishment of certain crimes therein specified.Jan. 30, 1799.
Commercial Intercourse with France. An act further to suspend the commercial intercourse between the United States and France, and the dependencies thereof.(Expired.)Feb. 9, 1799.
Accounts between the United States and the several States. An act respecting balances reported against certain States, by the commissioners appointed to settle the accounts between the United States and the several States.(Expired.)Feb. 15, 1799.
Reimbursement of Moneys expended abroad for Aid to Seamen. An act to authorize the reimbursement of moneys expended in rendering aid to sick and destitute American seamen in foreign countries.(Obsolete.)Feb. 19, 1799.
Laws of the United States in the District of Tennessee. An act to amend an act entitled “An act giving effect to the laws of the United States within the District of Tennessee.”Feb. 19, 1799.
Expenses of Treaties with the Indians. An act appropriating a certain sum of money to defray the expenses of holding a treaty or treaties with the Indians.(Obsolete.)Feb. 19, 1799.
Pay of Captains and Commanders of Ships and Vessels of War. An act fixing the pay of captains and commanders of ships and vessels of war of the United States.(Obsolete.)Feb. 25, 1799.
Expenses of Executing Treaties with the Indian Tribes. An act making appropriations for defraying the expenses which may arise in carrying into effect certain treaties between the United States and several tribes or nations of Indians.(Obsolete.)Feb. 25, 1799.
Quarantine and Health Laws. An act respecting quarantine and health laws.Feb. 25, 1799.
Augmentation of the Navy. An act for the augmentation of the navy.(Obsolete.)Feb. 25, 1799.
Establishment of Docks. An act authorizing the establishment of docks.Feb. 25, 1799.
Purchase of Timber for Naval Purposes. An act authorizing the purchase of timber for naval purposes.Feb. 25, 1799.
Duties on Stamps upon Foreign Bills of Exchange and Bills of Landing. An act to alter the stamp duties imposed upon foreign bills of exchange and bills of lading by an act entitled “An act laying duties on stamped vellum, parchment, and paper;” and further to amend the same.(Repealed.)Feb. 28, 1799.
Captured French Citizens. An act concerning French citizens that have been or may be captured and brought into the United States.(Obsolete.)Feb. 28, 1799.
Compensation for Marshals, Clerks, Attorneys, Jurors, and Witnesses. An act for providing compensation for the marshals, clerks, attorneys, jurors, and witnesses in the Courts of the United States, and to repeal certain parts of the acts therein mentioned; and for other purposes.Feb. 28, 1799.
Valuation of Lands and Dwelling-houses, and Enumeration of Slaves. An act to amend the act entitled “An act to provide for the valuation of lands and dwelling-houses, and the enumeration of slaves within the United States.”(Obsolete.)Feb. 28, 1799.
District Court in Vermont. An act altering the time of holding the District Court in Vermont.(Obsolete.)Feb. 28, 1799.
Collection of Duties on Merchandise and Tonnage. An act to regulate the collection of duties on imposts and tonnage.March 2, 1799.
Compensation to Officers employed in the Collection of Duties on Imposts and Tonnage. An act to establish the compensations of the officers employed in the collection of the duties on imposts and tonnage, and for other purposes.March 2, 1799.
Government of the Navy of the United States. An act for the government of the navy of the United States.(Repealed.)March 2, 1799.
Appropriations for the Government of the United States. An act making appropriations for the support of government for the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-nine.(Obsolete.)March 2, 1799.