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56 THIRTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 104. 1852. and postage on officiz.1 letters, three thousand Eve hundred dollars; interpreters, three thousand dollztrs. Gmiromia. In- For the preservation of peace with those Indians who have been disd*’·¤s· possessed of their lands in California., until permanent arrangements be made for their future settlement, the sum of one hundred thousand dol- Y¤>Vi¤°· lars: Provided That nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to imply an obligation on the part of the United States to feed and support the Indians who have been dispossessed of their land in California. Furniture. Furniture for superintende11t’s office, five hundred dollars. Fmgs. Flags for distribution among the tribes, five hundred dollars. Maps. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That for expenses of compiling maps, under the supervision of the Commissioner of Indian Aifairs, for the use of the committees of the Senate, and House of Representatives, and Indian Bureau, showing the present boundaries of the Indian territory, and the location of the various Indian tribes within the United States, five hundred dollars. Ifayments to Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That no part of the appropriations £Qd££§é_h°w t° herein made, or that may hereafter be made, for the benefit of any Indian, or tribe, or part of nz. tribe of Indians, shall be paid to any attorney or agent of éhch Indian, or tribe, or part of at tribe; but shall in every ease, be paid directly to the Indian or Indians themselves to whom it shall be due, or to the tribe or part of a. tribe per capita, unless the imperious interest of the Indian or Indians, or some treaty stipulation, shall require the payment to be mode otherwise, under the direction of the m§?;>(§£i=;¢;1¤0§`¤r President. Nor shall the Executive branch of the·Government, now or Eming not to be hereafter, recognize any contract between any Indian, or tribe, or part recognized. of a. tube, and any attorney or agent, for the prosecution of any claim against the Government, under this act. APPROVED, August 30, 1852. August 30, 1862. Cm?. CIV.-—An Act making Appropréiatggzs for the Improvement of certain Harbors -—————»~———— an wm. Be it enacted By the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled That the following sums of money be, and the same are hereby appropriated, to be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, and to be expended under thetsuperintendenee of the Secretary of War, for the following purposes, 0 wit: Delaware_ d0§p1; the continuation of the Delaware brenkwater, thirty thousand Remy mmm For the construction of a harbor on the east side of Reedy Island, Port Penn, Delaware, fifty-one thousand and ninety dollars. chasm, _For the repairs of the' works at the harbor of Chester, on the Delaware River, Eve thousand dollars. Smmmh Rl_ For the removal of obstructions in the Savannah River, at a place vs:. puliedtgie Wrpellasi and the improvement of the navigation of said river, or y ousun dollars. Hudson mm._ ·For continuing the improvement of the navigation of the Hudson iRiver, above and below Albany, and not above Troy, fifty thousand dollars. . Mississippi, For the improvement of the navigation of the Mississippi River, be- Mwsomi, Arkem- low the rapuls, ninety thousand dollars; the Ohio, including the repairs of

 Ohm the dam at Cumberland Island, ninety thousand dollars; the Missouri,

and the Arkztnsusrltivers, each forty thousand dollars; and for the con- Smg Dom, struction and repmr of snag-boats, dredge-boats, discharging scows and Sec. machinery to be used on the Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas, and other western rivers, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. ‘